This website provides information about the Comadex company and its range of products.

Comadex® is an established new style company (previously Comato tools B.V.) since 1948 a supplier specialised in the production and marketing of cutting tools, steel, high speed steel and tungsten-carbide precision parts for the metal, wood, textile, plastics, paper, electronical and synthetic industries in Europe and outside exporting all over the world to more than 32 countries.

Comadex® specialised production methods are characterised by know-how and up-to-date machinery.  Comadex® guarantees: continual monitoring of the quality presorbided by the client from the modernly equiped measurement room, in accordance with standards or drawings during the entire production process from raw material to end-product.



Comadex® means for you:


·        Metalworking solutions & customize products


For applications in various industries such as :

Aerospace, Automotive ,Rolling & Flat Mills , Heavy Industry , Machine Tool builders a.s.o. and any spare ,semi finish or ready for use part according to customer drawing for whatsoever industry .( Agriculture ,Oil field ,Food Process, Shipyards ,Plastic ,Wood a.s.o.)



·        Quality Assurance

Completed products are inspected before shipping to ensure delivery of the finest quality tools and or spares


·        Experience


Our expertise in the Metal field will realize savings to our customers by providing the adequate tool to the proper applications



·        Innovation


Comadex does not have a separate R& D unit.

At Comadex each New Product begins as a possible solution idea to our customer’s application problem.

Only after having tested continuously obtaining a positive final result, the idea will move from prototype a homologate New Product.


·        Customer contact ,service & training


Comadex is continuously in closed contact with her customers to ensure a progressive training of our distributors salesmen and/or  carrying out and supporting tests at the end users.


·        Flexibility


Comadex is a relatively small by very active Company which is able to respond to customer’s demand on the spot !

Our decision lines have been reduced to the minimum level to prevent loosing time while a fast decision is required .

                  Most Companies support products , We support our Customers !!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward doing business with you.